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Sunshine & Vitamin D – Top Cancer Fighters


vitamin D

We don’t get enough sunshine up here in the north.

Sunshine on your skin equals Vitamin D3.  Your body stores it, but if you go a long time without enough, your whole body gets depleted of Vitamin D.  If your cells don’t get enough, you are more prone to get cancer, and it’s more likely to spread.  It’s hard to get enough D in food. You’d have to eat lots of herring everyday. There are many kinds of Vitamin D. Vitamin D3 is the kind that is made in your skin in the sun.

Taking vitamin D3 the single most important thing  you can do to prevent many common forms of cancer.

I know I wasn’t getting enough vitamin D because I was too careful about sun exposure.  Now, not only do I intentionally try and get sun,  I  take 3,000 iu’s of vitamin D3 during the winter and 1,000 iu’s during the summer. It’s good to take this vitamin with fat, so I put it in my organic yogurt.  I use liquid vitamin D3.  It doesn’t have any taste so it’s easy to take.

Vitamin D not only prevents cancer, but many other diseases like high blood pressure or even the flu.  Once again, nature offers the best solutions.

Ddrops is the brand I currently use.  It’s good quality and economical.  My whole family takes it.

(This is a link to Well.ca which ships free in Canada.  I have found them to be very dependable and the prices are good.)

Author: Rhonda

Documenting all the things I have done in an attempt to survive cancer.


  1. Yes, I gotta agree with Bob. Times they are a changing. We have to take our health, into our own hands. At the same time we still need the medical profession. Why not get the best of both worlds? I know people who think they have to choose either all natural, or all conventional medicine. If you really want to survive, listen to everything that makes sense, then decide for yourself.

  2. Your story is one of courage which will help thousands understand the vital importance of healthy levels of vitamin D.

    I am certain you saw Dr. Cedric Garland’s study re: Breast Cancer As A Vitamin D Deficiency Disease. Finally, after years of study and suspicion, breast cancer’s origin is now irrefutably confirmed as a vitamin D deficiency disease. This has been suspected for some time but Garland’s work puts it to bed!

    You are no doubt also aware of the Grassroots Health web site- (http://www.grassrootshealth.net/ ) one of the top 2 or 3 Vitamin D information sources. If by some chance you have not reviewed it I suggest in the strongest of terms that you do so immediately.

    While I hesitate to “advise” you on your vitamin D investigations I want to be sure you are aware of the best web site/ internet site re :vitamin D. Unquestionably that site is: Vitamin D Council ( http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/ ) as operated by Dr. John Cannell and his capable staff. Far and away the best source of vitamin D data in existence, it has no peer. There are literally decades of knowledge within the links of Vitamin D Council.

    Both sites are not for profit and are constituted of dedicated researchers who have seen the light. I hope you visit them regularly and pass this vital information on to those who need it.

    After having studied supplements, vitamins, herbs, folk medicine, et al, for nearly 13 years I started reading the reports about vitamin D. It has been years since then and I have read thousands of abstracts, articles, studies, anecdotes and many yet to be released reports.

    EVERYTHING that has been mentioned (promised) about vitamin D is true- and in most cases- even much better than reported. There is not a scintilla of doubt that vitamin D will improve the quality of human life far more than antibiotics or the recognition of bacteria as infectious microbes.

    That’s a lot to say bout this steroid hormone but again, I have seen what is coming, and it’s completely, utterly, irrefutably true. I thank god I have lived long enough to see the dawn of regular vitamin D supplementation to naturally replete levels.

    In the end, Madame, nothing matters but being vitamin D replete. When we are, everything takes care of itself.


    Charles Sangston
    Vitamin D3 Advocate

  3. I take a lot of nutritional supplements, so having a liquid that I can just mix in with my regular drink just makes it more convenient. Besides that, there is no difference.

  4. Congrats Rhonda on surviving cancer, I too think the best solution is a combo of regular medicine plus supplements.
    I have to say the fact that The Star published this article is truly a miracle – I have been into alt health 15 years and this (plus story re Dr Rollo last week) is the first I have seen The Star say something other that “listen to your doctor and do not waste your money on the alt health”
    Well maybe Bob was right “the times are a changing” or so many people have changed The Star is dragged along

  5. I take 3000 IU a day of D3, but what’s the advantage of pills versus liquid if any ?

  6. The official RDA for Canada has been increased to 1000 iu’s, but it’s still 400 iu’s in the States last time I looked.
    Sounds like you are on the case. One really has to lookout for oneself!

  7. I find it amazing that the other day, a pharmacist told me if my children are taking a multivitamin, they wouldn’t need to take a supplement. I was only asking about the D because I couldn’t find it on the shelves. My children take a 400IU supplement on top of their multivite which has only 400IU, for a total of 800IU a day. Hubby and I take 2000IU a day. We live in Northern Alberta, and I’m going to continue this regime through the entire year, possibly upping us all a bit next winter. The daily requirements for this critical vitamin need to be ‘officially’ upped and the message needs to be supported and advertised by everyone in the medical field.

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