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Book Review

Summary:  Sorry earth creatures, I’m gonna catch you and eat you.

The Primal Blueprint is written  for people who want to lose weight.  Interesting though,  the authur, Mark Sisson has come to many of the same conclusion as I have, in my quest to survive cancer and recover from chemo.

Everyone innately knows that a natural diet and way of life will give health…   But we need to revisit the question, ” what is natural?”  Everyone looks to the past for answers… but some, like Sisson, look to the distant past, before farming became a way of life.

What does this mean?  Eat what you can imagine catching or finding.  Vegtables, meat, fish, fruit.

Many of our health problems relate to sugar and grains.  These things are very hard on our body, and once these are gone from our diet, many minor torments will disappear.   Natural oils and fats are recommended and many man made oils, like corn oil… are to be avoided.

Many naturopaths will advise cancer fighters not to eat meat.  (Including my own dear naturapath.)   I have tried vegetarianism, and macroboiotics.  Each time, when I returned to eating meat, I was noticeably stronger.  I suspect that people who advocate vegetarianism do so for ethical reasons.  I have not seen any human studies that relate eating meat to cancer.  Of course, you must only eat naturally raised, drug free, and hormone free meat.

Sisson’s got some ideas about exercise that might seem crazy to you now… but in time you might just find yourself jumping for joy, or engaging in fisticuffs…

I agree with Sisson’s findings, and his approach is useful to cancer fighters in general… just add to this fresh vegetable juices and nutritional supplements, because we need extra help.

Author: Rhonda

Documenting all the things I have done in an attempt to survive cancer.

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  1. I lost all of my hair. Eyebrows, eye lashes, EVERYTHING. I see you still kept some ewryeobs. Its been a month and a week and a half for me and everything is starting to grow back now. Its coming in fast. Being a blonde doesnt help. Im a guy so all i want is a buzz cut look before i start school this August, gotta have hair for my senior year woo. Thanks for the vid though!! Cancer was a bitch but in the worst of times better things have come out of it for me at 17.

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