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You need to take kelp regularly, everyday, to prevent your thyroid from absorbing radioactive iodine.

Kelp is a food that naturally contains iodine.  If your thyroid has enough iodine already, it will not need to absorb the radioactive iodine.

Iodine was given to people at the Chernobyl. They are giving it to people in Japan. Don’t wait for the government to give you iodine.  Take a natural food, like kelp, that contains moderate amounts of iodine.

There is iodine in salt, but you probably aren’t getting enough iodine from it.

Kelp is an edible seaweed. You can get it in a capsule form, a pill form, or as a powder.

Take kelp now, if you don’t already, in case there is any radioactive fallout from Japan. Take at least 1 – 5 capsules of kelp a day. If you are not used to it, start with one and build up.

The daily recommended allowance of iodine is 150 mcg (micrograms) for an adult. Most kelp capsules, like the one pictured here,  contain 780 mcg, (listed as .78 miligrams).  If you are deficient, and most people are, you need between 12 to 50 mg per day.

I have been taking kelp  for many years and my 19 year old daughter started taking it 2 month ago, and has found it increases her energy. No ill effects.  It’s good for you. It is key to preventing breast cancer.

Make sure you are also getting enough selenium (about 100 mcg). The body needs selenium for the iodine to work.

No Thyroid?

My father has been taking it for the last 30 years, (he had his thyroid removed in 1983 due to thyroid cancer).  He’s very fit.

You can still by Thyrosafe pills - click on this photo

Emergency Iodine Pills

If you are directly exposed to radiation you need a lot more iodine.  In this case you need an iodine pill like Thyrosafe and the government may distribute them.  You might want to get a pack of these…in case….but they are for emergencies only. They have side effects, and may harm your thyroid.

Author: Rhonda

Documenting all the things I have done in an attempt to survive cancer.


  1. I have been taking iodine from kelp for 7 years now for underactive thyroid. It works great and really helps.

    My concern now is that kelp is an ocean product and the radiation from Fukushima has already reached Pacific waters. So is the kelp Im buying from the store loaded with radiation?

  2. I would definitely get her to take kelp everyday. A very troubling story.

  3. A friend was having x-rays /bone scan and the technician dropped a vial of radioactive material.Some splashed on her arm and clothing. The technician ran from the room and was overheard to say I will not go back in that “hot room”.
    About 7-8 minutes later (my friend was left alone with the spill) the supervisor came in well covered in white clothing and washed my friends arm…..she was doing the scan and saw the spill on her arm……my friend was told to take off her clothing (because it was contaminated) when she got home….no further follow up by hospital…….no further instructions about her clothing…….. I am a homeopathic practitioner….I gave her Radium Bromatum 200c the next day as she was nauseated when she woke in the morning…..she felt better after the remedy…….My question is……What would you do to help her survive…..does she need kelp for example? ……Thank you……. Anne

  4. I have read that kelp can contain toxic levels of arsenic. Is this correct?

  5. Hi
    Sun Chlorello is a good product, but it only contains less than 15 micrograms of Iodine per 3 gram serving-15(200mg) or 6(500mg) tablets, which makes it non-detectable.

    I suggest taking kelp as well as this.

  6. I am taking Sun Chlorello, is this the same as Kelp

  7. What about if you already are taking levoxyl throxine for hypothyroidism? Will the iodine have any interference on the medicine?

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