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What should I do? Lymphedema and Air Travel


I need your advice, opinion and experience.

Seven years since I had all my lymph nodes removed.  I was told at the time that I would eventually get lymphedema.   Not a question of “if”, but a question of “when”.

I haven’t had any signs of it so far… (despite a stupid and horrible accident where I burned my arm in two places, plus a few cuts, bruises and insect bites.)

Ok, now for the big test.  I am taking a 5 hour overseas flight.  Conventional wisdom says cabin pressure changes  can/will cause lymphedema in women who have had lymph nodes removed.

My Questions:

Do you think I should wear a compression garment on the plane?

Or maybe just bring one, and if my arm feels wierd, put it on?  Or will that be too late?

Any other advice?

Thanks you for your help!


Author: Rhonda

Documenting all the things I have done in an attempt to survive cancer.


  1. I hear what you are saying, and personally, I would never, and have never discouraged anyone from conventional cancer treatment. I followed conventional cancer treatment. In my website I talk about some of the additional things I did. I’m not recommending anything. My doctor had no advice. Only an estimate of my life expectancy with conventional treatment: one year. So you can understand why I wanted to do more.

  2. It’s people like you who are contributing to the thousands of deaths a year attributed to bogus alternative medicine. Maybe some things have worked for you which seem unconventional; it doesn’t mean that it will work for anyone else. Conventional medicine is consistently tested and proven to be more effective than any of its alternative counterparts and you should stress this before making wild accusations towards cancer charities and risking you own life and others by not taking the advice of your doctor. Shame on you.

  3. Thanks for your comment. I didn’t know you had to be fitted. I will get that done!

  4. I was told by my physical thearpist to never fly without wearing a compression garment. Do you know that you have to be fitted for one? I was also told to get up and move around as much as I can during the flight. I hope this helps you.

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